Markets: Mobile Network Operators

Mobile Network Operators are prime Healy customers. They rely on our transport engineering expertise to deliver Network Migration Solutions as they upgrade their entire backhaul framework across the access, aggregation and backhaul core networks with the migration to higher bandwidth RAN technologies such as LTE. And when LTE Advance comes along, their backhaul requirements will increase even further.

The mobile sector represents our fastest growing market segment because our solutions help network operators cost-effectively address the evolving transport requirements of dynamic traffic flows, as well as profitably address the mobile traffic explosion – expected to double each year for the foreseeable future with demand for video, mobile broadband, cloud-based service delivery and machine-to-machine applications.

Pure and simple – traffic growth is outpacing the capacity of mobile networks and Healy Capacity Delivery and Network Migration Solutions support MNOs in handling surging traffic volumes and preparing for future bandwidth requirements as they transition to end-to-end packet communications.

There's no homogeneous strategy for network operators to migrate their mobile backhaul architectures from legacy T1/E1 to Ethernet/IP. Each carrier's unique network infrastructure and business challenges dictate varying deployment strategies, including:

  • IP-based Ethernet
  • Hybrid and overlay backhaul solutions
  • TDM emulation over Ethernet
  • WiFi offloading
  • Small cell offloading
  • Ethernet exchanges

That's where Healy Network Planning Solutions are instrumental in helping national and regional MNOs to determine how far they can scale their existing networks and identify the optimal path for implementing their transition strategies.

From Capacity Delivery and Network Migration Solutions to Network Planning, Healy helps mobile operators manage multiple generations of legacy backhaul technology while also addressing migrating packet-based traffic to Carrier Ethernet.

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