Markets: Incumbent and Regional Local Exchange Carriers

Incumbent and regional local exchange carriers have a strategic imperative to re-invent their legacy businesses and transform to competitive, next generation providers. Their business growth depends on achieving this transformation and Healy can help.

The challenges for Incumbent and Regional LECs include:

  • How to gain competitive advantage in high-growth wholesale backhaul services to mobile operators and metro Ethernet services for enterprise customers.
  • How to quickly and effectively increase the competitiveness of offerings while navigating legacy infrastructure challenges.
  • How to drive down high cost structures in declining business segments.
  • How to swiftly launch and manage new revenue-generating services in highly siloed organizational structures.
  • How to introduce new services into new and legacy operational support systems.
  • How to derive actionable insights from traffic, capitalize on content delivery, and manage costs in an increasingly complex transit environment.

These challenges are presented within the context of a shifting competitive landscape of M&A and market consolidation, as carriers seek to broaden their service portfolios and gain new network and customer assets through their consolidation strategies. Healy's depth of experience in large-scale, Network Migration for transfer of ownership applications helps carriers efficiently navigate through their network consolidation requirements.

Healy Capacity Delivery, Network Migration and Network Planning offer a breadth of application solutions to help ILECs and RLECs meet the challenges of transforming their legacy networks and high cost structures while growing transport revenues. Healy Strategic Consulting Services help carriers to compete in a meaningful way outside of their legacy copper plant in developing competitive products and new revenue sources.

One important new revenue source is capitalizing on the burgeoning demand for high-capacity Ethernet backhaul for wireless transport. Healy's transport engineering expertise can help. Whether it's traditional TDM-based Ethernet (EoT1, EoSONET, etc.) or IP-based Ethernet, Healy's efficient end-to-end deployment management process helps carriers ramp up wholesale service delivery.

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