Markets: CLECs and MSOs

MSOs are moving aggressively to leverage their network infrastructures and implement competitive strategies that offer differentiated high quality services outside of their traditional cable businesses. CLECs are also moving aggressively to leverage their fiber networks and expand their service portfolios. Both have two principle markets in their sights to grow revenues – Enterprise Metro Ethernet and Wireless Backhaul for Carrier Markets.

As CLECs expand their portfolios into next-gen, high bandwidth Metro Ethernet services and enlarge their footprint into metro-to-metro markets to compete for large enterprise customers, Healy Capacity Delivery and Network Migration Solutions offer transport engineering applications that meet the breadth of CLECs' requirements.

For MSOs, Healy offers transport engineering expertise that helps cable companies keep costs in check while maximizing their fiber/coax strategic assets to capitalize on wholesale mobile backhaul services and effectively establish their competitive position as valued alternatives to incumbent and competitive carriers with Metro Ethernet.

Helping MSOs and CLECs to compete, Healy offers many Capacity Delivery and Network Migration Solutions, including:

  • Transitioning from TDM-based backhaul to Ethernet backhaul out to cell towers for Wholesale Service Delivery
  • IP Peering and Transit Point Interconnection to link fiber networks and offer integrated service to commercial customers
  • Metro Network Upgrades from Ethernet-over-SONET to Carrier Ethernet to deliver advanced IP, such as VoIP, SIP, MPLS-VPN and cloud-based applications to enterprise customers
  • Data Center Interconnection so CLECs and RLECs can serve the high-margin enterprise sector
  • SIP Trunking Transport Engineering for delivery of SIP trunking services to businesses
  • Fixed and Nomadic Wireless Interconnection, via WiFi and microcellular networks, to provide the infrastructure for mobile traffic offloading

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