Case Studies

Short Fused Network Build

A greenfield wireless network was needed in 18 months covering over 30 million households. The carrier had spectrum, but not enough infrastructure, processes or people to ramp up.

The Healy Solution
Healy employed a "build, operate, transfer" model to team with the customer and another key supplier to build and train an 80 person staff spread over 20 different license areas in record time. Our agility and deep understanding of engineering and operational processes enabled an on-time market launch. After market launch, Healy transitioned many people into the newly formed Engineering and Operation organizations set up by the carrier and continued to support overflow on an outsourced basis.

Network Augment in Record Time

The Problem
A key Healy customer planned an aggressive network upgrade to enhance bandwidth for data services.
Four weeks prior to the start of the upgrade, senior management accelerated the timetable so that the work had to start immediately and complete in half the time originally scheduled.

The Healy Solution
Healy was able to realign resources, add multiple daily shifts and run weekend shifts to work with two major LECs and our customer to sequence and provision over 4,000 cell site circuits for an on time, cost-effective delivery. Healy handled the provisioning and coordinated the test and acceptance of the circuits and then handed them off to another team for integration.

Healy Network Due Diligence
and Acquisition Integration

The Problem
Our customer wanted to extend its geographic footprint.
They found a small carrier and hired Healy to perform a due diligence analysis of the carrier's network. We reviewed switch load and capabilities, internal engineering processes, interviewed staff and analyzed interconnection and other network facilities.

The Healy Solution
Healy completed the analysis and recommended that the network be purchased based on our results. Post acquisition, Healy reconfigured all interconnection, signaling and other facilities and rehomed traffic onto our customer's customer care and billing platforms.

Process Analysis Pinpoints Bottlenecks

The Problem
Our customer had a critical engineering process that wasn't working. They hired Healy to help assess the bottle necks.

The Healy Solution
Healy took a number of different process flows and documented the current process and identified triggers and SLAs for each step. We then worked quickly to extract configuration data from all the network equipment and platforms impacted by the process. Through multiple iterations of data bashing, Healy was able to ascertain the sticking points in the process and provided the customer with critical information to eliminate the bottlenecks. Three months later, the on-time completion showed significant improvement.

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