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Healy is a telecom network engineering company that successfully plans, designs, and engineers next generation carrier class networks.

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Many of the world's network operators, such as AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile and Sprint, have partnered with Healy to optimize their network engineering functions, ramp up service delivery for subscriber revenue generation and lower operational expenses.

What distinguishes Healy is our expertise that is both strategic and tactical.
Our Network Planning and Strategic Business Solutions combine vision and intelligence to guide critical decisions with revenue and cost impacts to service providers.

Our Capacity Delivery and Network Migration Solutions apply deep engineering expertise to manage large infrastructure initiatives across mobile, wireline and IP public networks to meet near-term and forecasted traffic demand that's growing exponentially with bandwidth-intensive multimedia content and applications.

Healy's customers each have unique applications, evolving network strategies and specific business requirements. Sometimes it may call for transformative strategies to drive real business growth. Sometimes it may call for traffic management, transport planning for 3G, 4G and 5G networks of the future, or optimizing the network for capacity, cost and reliability.

Executing with greater efficiencies that produce annualized cost savings for our customers, Healy provides the transport design, provisioning and deployment management for carrier-grade interconnections within all technology environments and across the entire network architecture – from backhaul and core networks to access and WiFi networks. And we're specialists in managing the transfer of network ownership assets and next generation technology deployments.